Using PHP to pull one value out of a CSV

This took me much longer to figure out than it should have. I'm such a n00b ;)

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Using Javascript to change the style of a link based on the path to the current page

In which I turn an ordinary menu into a kind of abbreviated breadcrumb trail, automagically.

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Using Markdown text files as the data source for a PHP-based blog

A blog post written using Markdown about how to make Markdown work as the source data for a blog. How meta ;)

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Yellowstone National Park

August 2014

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

On my trip out to Tucson last October, we took a morning to wander around the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Located on a hill overlooking Tucson, the place is a kind of combination garden and zoo, highlighting the species native to the Sonoran Desert. In my oh-so-humble opinion, this place is worth every penny of the entrance price. Set aside plenty of time to wander the twisting paths, examine the plants, and watch the critters.

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LR Case Study: Palo verde blooms

One bright, sunny afternoon I came across a stand of palo verde trees near their peak bloom. They were absolutely stunning - a vivid yellow from head to toe. Of course, photos had to be taken!

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Palo Verde in Full Bloom

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Alligator Swimming in Evening Light

A quick shot from my evening walk down at Brazos Bend State Park last Saturday. The weather didn't seem all that great, but if you got the angles right, the broken overcast and evening light made pretty reflections on 40-Acre lake. Then it's just waiting for an alligator to oblige and swim by ;)

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Tips for Landscape Photography in Coastal Texas

I've put together a few lessons-learned that I thought might be useful for folks who might pursue photographic endeavors along the Texas coast, particularly if they hail from some other clime.

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Why I Just Love Plex

Note: I have no affiliation with Plex. I'm just posting this because I found a tool that I really, really like and I feel like I have to share that. Onward!

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RSS: More than just the news

So, I love RSS. But I know a lot of people - really, most people - don't seem to get it. So I'm going to take a quick moment to show how I use my RSS feeds for more than just reading the news.

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XBMC: Getting the MS remote working in XBMC 12.2

I recently set up my PC at home to use XBMC (XBox Media Center) instead of the built-in Windows Media Center that came with Windows 7. The process was pleasantly painless, with one exception: getting my remote working "all the way".

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