Web Dev

I muck around developing web sites and apps, mostly just for my own entertainment and/or use. If it takes me more than 10 minutes to find a solution to any given problem, I kind of assume it needs another web page ;)


Image Gallery

I wanted to see how much of an image gallery I could automate without building a back-end management system. In my ideal world, I could upload photos using FTP and the gallery would suddenly spring into existence, complete with titles and captions and thumbnails. I was able to pull metadata and thumbnails out of the images. It needs some prettying-up, but it's a fast way to get photos up. I expect to continue working on this project.

Da's Boat

This project was a special request from my father, who wanted a tool for tracking warranties and maintenance chores for his boat, and if he could have a logbook, too, that would be swell. After starting in on it, I ended up rewriting from scratch to take advantage of PHP's object-oriented features and just generally clean everything up because it was, frankly, a real mess the first time around ;) This project is actively in development (meaning the occasional night or weekend).

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