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I am your host, Jill Menning, serial hobbyist, notorious plotter and schemer

Here's what I've been up to lately:


The colors show much better in daylight


Spinning again. Some mystery cotton that's probably at least three levels of hand-me down from the source. It looks to be white cotton, natural brown cotton, and dyed blue (indigo?) in a commercially-sourced sliver. Spinning on an EEW Nano 2, which looks like a toy but spins great off a USB battery.

Lots of fiber in my stash comes from other spinners destashing. If you're in the Houston area and need cotton to spin, @ me and I can share the bounty.

Blue and white cotton sliver in a box, next to a little turquoise plastic e-spinner, its bobbin half full

When I am in the middle of an interesting project, I genuinely enjoy working on those days when the office is a ghost town.

Like today, Thanksgiving eve - not one single chat ping or meeting to interrupt me. Just steady, quiet progress on my main task. So satisfying.


I've been posting a lot of tech-nerd stuff. Here, have one of my favorite photos from a recent trip up to Alaska

In shades of pre-dawn blue, a craggy range of mountains topped with snow and clouds, a glacier winding down to the sea at the base, where a small fishing boat is  in black silhouette

An example of a web component solving an actual problem in my PHP-based site:

I like to write posts using Markdown

But my markdown parser does not run any PHP code in a markdown string, so my PHP image gallery component won't work

Web components to the rescue!

Here's a PR: github.com/aseradyn/flagon-wit

Working page (CW bugs): jmenning.com/webdev/test

Web component + router updates to load the component if it's needed per page

Kudos to @mia for leading me down this rabbit hole this evening

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