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I turned my blog back on. Look for it in the top bar under "Ephemera"


// TODO: Make room for it in the menu on phones

// TODO: Make the RSS feed easier to find


♥️ Photos sync to OneDrive from my Samsung phone

♥️ I can move photos to galleries on my phone and see photos stored in matching file folders in OneDrive

😭 OneDrive does not display my albums from the phone. All are in a single view

The goal is to not to have to organize things twice. It's 2024 and this situation just is not improving in meaningful ways


Ummm... I think we need to have a talk with whoever categorized these movies

A screen capture from a Plex server showing the heading "Top Movies in Documentary", with two movie posters underneath: "Cool Runnings" and "Dr Horrible

lolol USPS just has the BEST logistics. A package shipped from about 0.5 miles away (in a suburb of Houston, TX) was routed to a distribution center in Dallas, so that it can... turn around and come back down here? I knew I should have insisted on picking it up locally, but I didn't want to be difficult. /sigh


I agree that the "if this were illegal we wouldn't have a business" argument is dumb. But.

I'm not convinced that what AI companies are doing is actually illegal under current copyright law. The difference between a human reading a lot of literature and becoming a better writer because of it, and the AI companies training bots on that same literature to make them better writers feels like a difference of degree rather than type.

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